As the future is changing rapidly, it is important that children have the right tools and education to advance into the next generation.
This is an important time during the development of the brain.
Utilizing Dr.Tech's theory


We are Dr.Tech
For children who will play an active role globally in the future
I support you.

Super kids training

"D-Tech Method"

We believe in three elements and skills:Three elements

Programaming Logic

English/Japanese Skills

Financial Literacy

Why Dr.Tech is chosen!


Education that nurtures the brain as if playing.


"Natural English ability (speaking ability)"

Lessons are basically conducted in English (Japanese is also well supported).
You will acquire "natural English ability (speaking ability)" instead of "learning English".

"Programming logic"

A programming class that is also introduced in Japanese elementary schools.
At Dr.Tech, we utilize sophisticated tools introduced in compulsory education such as IT nation Estonia.Learn logical thinking (programming logic) firmly.

"Money Literacy"

With a view to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals are the United Nations international goals for sustainable development), you will develop the ability to think about money that cannot be learned at school.
We are incorporating content that will give you the basic skills to manage money in the future.


Customized Lessons!


"Education to maximize individuality"

It incorporates psychoanalysis that looks at the individuality of the child, the complexion and the condition of the mind on the day of the lesson, from the viewpoint of words and actions.
By facing each and every one of us, we will create an environment where children can learn stress-free.
By customizing the content for each lesson and proceeding with the lesson, the "width of learning" will change dramatically.

"Support for the future image"

While carefully assessing the child's personality and talents, attach great importance to dialogue with parents,
We will support you to be close to your child's future image.


Curriculum overview

English programming Money literacy
Nursery school children / kindergarten children ・ Get used to English (all teaching materials are in English)
・ Reading and writing alphabets (uppercase and lowercase letters))
・ Have a simple conversation)
・ Listening to English books, etc.
・ Develop the ability to think
・ Develop imagination and creativity
・ Learn the computing power of the first grade of elementary school
(Contents of Dr.Tech original teaching materials)
・ Help and save money!
・ Shopping with charge & points
·I do not have any money!but it's okay.
・ Let's sell!
・ Grandpa's pension?tax?
・ Dollar for overseas travel!
・ Mac index?
・ Life insurance in the infirmary.
・ Yutai, a game company?
・ Let's get money to work!
・ SDGs Rainy Day Project!
・ Crowdfunding?
・ Let's donate!Such
<span>Grade 1-2</span>・ Same as above
・ Learn English words with a focus on verbs
・ Communicate in English
・ Reading English books, etc.
・ Same as above
・ Programming using a visual language (English)
・ Learn math at the next grade level
・ Learn Indian-style arithmetic


Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
- - - --12:00AM - 13:00PM
13:00AM - 14:00PM
14:00AM - 15:00PM
15:00AM - 16:00PM15:00AM - 16:00PM 15:00AM - 16:00PM 15:00AM - 16:00PM 15:00AM - 16:00PM -
16:00AM - 17:00PM(16: 00-17: 00) * 16:00AM - 17:00PM 16:00AM - 17:00PM 16:00AM - 17:00PM -
17:00AM - 18:00PM17:00AM - 18:00PM 17:00AM - 18:00PM 17:00AM - 18:00PM 17:00AM - 18:00PM -

* Tuesday 16 o'clock is for online (XNUMXrd grade) only

Month Tue
15:00AM - 16:00PM 15:00AM - 16:00PM
16:00AM - 17:00PM (16: 00-17: 00) *
17:00AM - 18:00PM 17:00AM - 18:00PM
Wed Thu
15:00AM - 16:00PM15:00AM - 16:00PM
16:00AM - 17:00PM 16:00AM - 17:00PM
17:00AM - 18:00PM 17:00AM - 18:00PM
Fri Sat
15:00AM - 16:00PM12:00AM - 13:00PM
16:00AM - 17:00PM 13:00AM - 14:00PM
17:00AM - 18:00PM 14:00AM - 15:00PM

* Tuesday 16 o'clock is for online (XNUMXrd grade) only


Target Enrollment fee Monthly amount
(Once a week)
Monthly amount
(Twice a week)
<span>-6 years old</span>
(50 minutes)
10,000 Yen 9,800 Yen 13,600 Yen
<span>Grade 1-2</span>
(60 minutes)
14,900 Yen 20,800 Yen

Company Overview

Company name (corporate name) Dr.Tech Co., Ltd.
CEO Yuki Ikawa
Location (address) 1-23-6, Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number 050-5364-2124
Establishment 2020/1/21
Our BusinessOperation of English programming money school
Development of online teaching materials

The Dr. Tech Method: At, our goal is to create an environment which provides the opportunities to learn and promote interaction in order to help the early stage development of a child.

The skills required for the future are changing rapidly.

I believe that Information Technology education is necessary for the future of Japan.

In present times, it is difficult to think of an industry that has not been affected by the benefits of technology.

Education is certainly no different.

Why use the Dr. Tech Method?

Both teachers and students are openly embracing new trends, teaching and learning processes that make education progressively better.

I think it is the responsibility of adults to provide children with this environment and opportunity.
Studies have found children from the ages of 4-8 have the fastest learning advancement capabilities - this something that the Dr. Tech Methods would like to enhance.
A case study example is the nation of Estonia, who is globally renowned for educational reforms and positive impacts to the current and future generations.Their education system has an environment of open learning with a focus on.information technology and programming logic lessons, all during very early stages of childhood.These are the children who are the future of such a small populous nation.
Our Core Values:
We believe that “true education is a preparation for life”

English learning is necessary to prepare for life, learning and interaction with the global environment IT Skills (programming logic) is necessary to prepare for the needs of the future Financial literacy is necessary to prepare for creating, managing and being smart with time and wealth


In order to cultivate creativity and imagination, we have created an environment in which children, who are said to have the most developed brains, naturally learn while having fun.

Please try with us at Dr. Tech

Representative Yuki Igawa

Representative profile

Born in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1973.After working as a high school English teacher for about 10 years, he changed jobs.
After that, he was mainly involved in asset management at foreign financial institutions and domestic companies.
After launching new businesses at IT-related companies in order to catch up with the changing times, he continues to the present.
After independence, while working on Dr.Tech classroom management and online teaching material development,
Taking advantage of his qualification as a psychological counselor, he is also active as a mentor for working adults at Showa Women's University as part of his social contribution.
My favorite time is to watch a movie at home and make a favorite MOVIE list.
I am also active as a mentor at Showa Women's University.
At my favorite time, watch movies at home and make a favorite movie-list. I like the words, "Subsidizing people to fully develop their beauty and strengths"

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